Author Visits

First ever reading of #iamathief officia

*One of Abigail's favorite things is sharing her books with kids. She teaches writing and drawing to all ages for The Arts Council of Princeton in Princeton, NJ, and holds workshops and presentations at schools.

Now Scheduling for the 2022/23
School Year.

  • Zoom/Google Visits

  • Assemblies and classroom workshops

  • Pre-K to 5th Grade

  • Topics Include: 

Where do ideas come from?​

How does a book get made?

My path to being published.

Brainstorming Ideas, Build-A-Character; Writing Dialogue



Zoom/Google Visits $50

Local School Assembly With Slideshow $500; Small Group/ Classroom Workshop $200;

Reading/ Signing/ Craft $100

Reading /Signing $50

Please Contact Abigail Rayner at for more details.