I Am a Thief_Cover.jpg

When Eliza Jane Murphy—line leader, bucket filler, captain of the worm rescue team—impulsively pockets a sparkly green stone from her classroom’s “Exploring Green” display table, her heart crumples. 
After discovering that nearly everyone in her family has stolen something at one point in their lives, Eliza summons the courage to make things right.
A heartfelt and hilarious story about stealing and finding the courage to do the right thing.

Kirkus Starred Review

This humorous story speaks to anyone who has made a regrettable mistake, rounding it out with a gently ironic surprise final spread. The playful illustrations feature textured shading and expressive lines highlighting Eliza’s active imagination. Eliza and her family present as white; Ms. Delano has brown skin, and Eliza’s classmates are multiracial.

Hilarious and sweet, with a gentle, affirming moral. (Picture book. 4-9)


Everybody needs a backup plan, especially when you lose your favorite toy.

When Max loses his favorite toy—Bunny—his clever mom brings out the "backup bunny"—Fluffy—to save the day. Fluffy is thrilled to have the chance to play with Max, but is soon rejected by the observant child who notices that his ears are too new and perky. Can Fluffy find a way into his favorite boy's heart?

Kirkus Review

A Velveteen Rabbit for kids of helicopter parents; be prepared for children to ask if their own favorites have backups. 
(Picture book. 4-8)